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Handling it with style

Ever wondered what the world has in store for you and how you are going to handle it?

Do the statements "business dinners, social gatherings, business functions, meeting new people"; bring a battlefield of butterflies to your stomach?

Or for the younger generation, ever wondered how you can make that wardrobe stretch further than you have ever imagined, or how to apply cosmetics and groom yourself in such a way, that your peers think you have spent a day with a professional beautician.

If you are a young girl looking at branding and positioning yourself and would like words like "finesse, style, glamour and presence associated with you, then this type of program is definitely for you.

For the more mature, working generation, The Elegant Touch is able to guide you in improving all forms of customer satisfaction, staff moral, as well as adding that extra touch that will allow you to close that deal with confidence. We will also help you in dealing with the volume and intensity of email office spam gossiping, as well as being able to gain a corporate culture and clothing identity that your company will admire.

If any of the above applies to you, then we welcome you to the world of "The Elegant Touch", making life's everyday challenges so much easier and not to mention more enjoyable.

Welcome to the world of Etiquette, where everything is handled with style.


The Elegant Touch
Office tel: 011 025 3948
Office fax: 086 517 4262
Cell: 082 858 7182

E-mail: charlotte@theeleganttouch.co.za